RTN Solutions, Inc


Small Business SolutionsRTN Solutions, Inc. is a fast growing global business and information technology firm. We have built our reputation by creating lasting business solutions within organizations and by offering improvements that are practical, innovative and cutting edge.

RTN in Phoenix, Arizona provides a broad range of services to virtually every segment of industry. Through our total business approach and "Yes We Can" attitude we bring value to our clients as a total IS (Information Services) solution. Our business focuses on development and implementation of software, wireless high speed internet connectivity, networking solutions with a 24 hour help desk support and
co-location capabilities. These areas are what we have found to be the primary needs in any professional organization. As a full ASP (Application Solutions Provider) we offer services such as content and application hosting, domain name services, web hosting and Email services.

With our Total Business Solution (TBS) a smaller company can afford to compete in the same technological, innovative arena as a Fortune 100 company. TBS offers a company the full ISP solution and the ability to host and maintain office software applications and databases at our state-of-the-art facilities. Leading edge technology and hardware are monitored and supported around the clock by our 24-hour support team. Connectivity of data is driven by our gigabit backbone and is password accessible through our high security firewalls. With our hosting and support of applications, any company can virtually have an Information Services department that rivals that of any major organization. With a redundancy server and disaster recovery protocol, company information and business profiles will be at the work place long after you have called it a day.

With our Full Integration Services Technologies we have combined technology with functionality. From architectural design and implementation of the network, to the application of software interacting with devices like PDAs and hand-helds, we can enhance the capability to work along side existing software or build a solution that will run additional interfaces on any platform.

As information technology continues to advance, our clients can be assured that they will have the tools and the knowledge to maintain a competitive edge. Can we find you a solution?

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