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How RTN Solutions Inc can help your online presence!

RTN Solutions Inc offers a reasonably priced package offering a host of features designed around making it easy to improve your company’s online presence. For $ 295.00 per month, we:

1. Offer our Standard SEO package designed to bring more web traffic to your site.

Search engine optimization begins by editing your site, using 'Natural' or ‘Organic’ techniques, as it is called. Ensuring proper keyword placement within your site provides a solid basis for any search engine to easily index. In addition, search engines usually make use of programs which are commonly called spiders, crawlers, or robots which follow the links from page to page and download a copy of each one it finds. The pages are analyzed, indexed, and, (with luck and good SEO) added to the database of the search engine. The search engines generally do this on a periodic basis visiting some sites more often than others. We also can utilize a program that will send your information out to additional search engines. We ensure your site’s coding, presentation and structure is most effective for no issues when a search engine indexing program fully spiders your site. Within your website’s code, we also write meta-tags; the unseen HTML language that the Web-crawler for each search engine reads that determines where you are placed in keyword searches.

We can also implement analytics within our site showing unique visitors, counting each person who visits the site once instead of recording the same person hitting the site multiple times.

This kind of setup also will improve your natural search rankings for common keywords that pertain to your company. We will find all of the best possible keywords and keyword combinations to target.

** Standard SEO Package includes: Current Website Analysis based on Google’s Diagnostics, Set up title tags, keyword tags (up to 10), alternate tags, text tags for pictures, blast to over 800 search engines twice a month, XML Site Maps, Website Online Reporting ($ 149.00 Initial Set Up Fee)

Al A Carte Pricing : $ 99.00 per month

2. Host your web site

Hosting your website with a well established local presence does have its advantages!

- Data transfers much faster when it is coming from a local server. When you want to serve the local community, you find your website loads much more quickly when it is hosted closer to home
- With all the horror stories of being ripped off by a faceless corporation, it can be much more comforting to do business with someone you can work with one on one
- We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for any support you may need. We want to build that relationship with our clients so no one has to experience the problems of bad web hosting.

Al A Carte Pricing
Generic Corporate Presence: $ 12.95 per month
E-Commerce Solutions (SSL Certificate Hosting): $ 24.95 per month

3. Host your e-mail

Having your e-mail coming from a hosted e-mail solution with your company name associated with it shows a higher level of professionalism with your potential clients.

We also provide Spam Filtering so our clients can be not only be protected from potentially harmful e-mails, but also from the annoyance of unwanted information.

** Up to 10 E-Mail Accounts Included **

Al A Carte Pricing: $ 2.99 per month

4. Offer Online Back Up Solutions

Worried about a server crash? Or a virus wiping your entire desktop hard drive of all its information? We offer our clients a remote, cloud based back up solution for your business. Our back up solution runs on a schedule, once a day, usually at night so it does not affect day to day operations.

Sleep well at night knowing your information is stored in a secure, off site location available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Al A Carte Pricing: $ 79.95 per month

5. Social Network Campaigns

Social networking and mobile site optimization is now an integral part of SEO work. We create a business Facebook page and Twitter handle integrating information on your current website. Placing links on your website to your new Facebook page with some widgets and information, would also drive traffic, with a 'like' button and other Facebook 'add-ons' to give your website interactive functionality to it. We also set up an e-mail marketing campaign inviting your clients to your Facebook business page. All the cross-traffic will bring people back to your website promoting your business making a larger and more powerful online presence.

** Standard Social Networking Campaign includes: Facebook page, Twitter Handle, Linked In Profile, adding buttons to existing website ($ 189.00 Set Up Fee)

Al A Carte Pricing: $ 229.00 per month


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